Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga is performed in a therapeutic heat. Lively Yoga offers different types of classes in different temperatures. For example, in addition to a Hot Yoga class in 38 degrees, a Hot Flow class in 30 degrees is wonderful to take, or a Calming Hot Yin in 25 degrees. Try it out and see what you like and what suits you.

Hot Yoga

A wide range of classes for beginners, advanced & those with (minor) injuries. This way everyone can enjoy their class.

(Hot) Yoga –
The effective benefits

Yoga and Hot Yoga have the same effective benefits. However, the effective benefits with Hot yoga result slightly higher than regular yoga. This is partly because Hot yoga uses therapeutic infrared heat. This heat, warms the deeper layers in our body that quite quickly offers relaxation and peace in the body and mind.

The effective benefits of Hot Yoga in a row:

  • Cleansing process for the body and mind
  • Provides tranquility and a relaxed mind/mind set
  • Awareness of your own body and thoughts

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  • Very effective for back, neck and shoulder pain
  • Delivers better performance in (top) athletes
  • counteracts depression
  • Ensures good condition and endurance
  • Good & intense body workout
  • Faster and good recovery from injuries
  • Reduces age-related aches and pains
  • Promotes the process of losing weight
  • Good addition to a healing process of overstrain or burnout
  • Reduces rheumatic complaints
  • Stress Reduction
  • Improves flexibility
  • Improves blood circulation for better and faster recovery of body and mind
  • Awareness & improvement of breathing
  • Inner peace
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Detoxification of the body
  • It reduces cellulite
  • It gives a more beautiful skin
  • Happy feeling!
  • And much more….

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What is hot yoga?

Hot yoga is taught in a room that is pre-heated with therapeutic infrared panels. The heat causes your muscles and tendons to warm up faster and become more flexible. This gives you the advantage of being able to get into a pose more easily and giving you more room to stretch your muscles.

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Another effective benefit of Hot Yoga is that the heat and poses cause your body to perspire, thus detoxifying or cleansing your body. Your waste products are expelled by your organs but also by your skin. You notice the expulsion through your skin by perspiration. The waste products expelled through your organs are disposed of through the urine and feces. Therefore, it is important to drink plenty of water after a Hot Yoga class. In this way, you replenish lost fluids, but also allow your body to flow and give waste products room to leave your body.

During the dynamic form of Hot Yoga, your heart rate goes up and more oxygenated blood is pumped to all your body parts. In this way you promote blood circulation in your joints, your connective tissue and in your organs. With the asanas (postures), you open your body and create space so that blood can reach places that are normally “stiff” and closed. These are often the places where you experience “pain” or irritation.
You work with your breathduring the postures, so that in addition to body and muscle tension, you can also release emotions that are usually held (unconsciously) in our bodies and minds. This converts an impossible or difficult posture into a more comfortable one that provides a good stretch. Your breath also massages your organs in certain postures, allowing your organs to expel the waste products and also cleansing your organs.
Through the tremendous effort you come to relax!

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Hot Yoga classes

Lively Yoga offers a wide range of Hot Yoga classes. Lively Yoga will continue to match workouts to the needs of its members. Not sure which class is right for you? Please do not hesitate to consult with us.

Frequently asked questions about hot yoga

Hot Yoga is inspired by the yoga classes of Bikram Choudhury, postures practiced in an infrared heated room between 40 and 45 degrees. A Bikram class is a 90-minute class where strict adherence to the Bikram poses is required. Each class is exactly the same consisting of a series of 26 poses repeated twice. Also, with Bikram, it is important that the poses are strictly followed as Bikram has intended.

Hot Yoga, on the other hand, allows more room for creativity in the form of the class and postures. Lively Yoga has studied the different types of people, bodies and conditions and offers different options in the classes. Classes are held in a variety of temperatures. Since every body is different (also thinking of the Indian Ayurveda system), this is also taken into account in the offer of the Hot Yoga classes. On the other hand, a beginner also has the option of starting with a lower temperature.

In addition to being able to work with different temperatures in Hot Yoga, different types of yoga classes can be taught in an infrared room. Lively Yoga offers Hot Yin class, Hot Vinyasa, Hot Yoga for injuries, Hot Yoga for beginners and advanced and Hot Yoga for seniors among others. This will grow into several different opportunities and developments in the future.

Depending on the type of class and level of temperature, Hot Yoga offers the same benefits as Bikram Yoga.

The Hot Yoga Studio, for Hot classes, is equipped with infrared panels. These panels are qualified and can be named the most clean, healthy, sustainable and co2 free heat panels. The infrared panels emit long infrared waves with a high health aspect. (Infrared heat therapy) Lively Yoga Studio takes into account all aspects of isolation and ventilation. The infrared panels, heat and fresh air are matched by means of a WTW ( heat recovery) system. This ensures that the temperatures for the various Hot Yoga types are obtained in a safe and healthy manner. In addition, infrared is energy efficient and good for the environment.

Many people think that infrared in a sauna is the same as infrared at Hot Yoga. There is indeed a big difference between them.

First, you can divide infrared waves into short and long infrared waves. The infrared in a sauna has short waves and on the other hand the infrared during Hot Yoga has long infrared waves.

Short infrared waves warm up the skin from the outside and the first layer of muscles located just under the skin. This causes your body to perspire quickly and, logically, the pores open. This is also the reason that there is a maximum time limit for the infrared in a sauna, if you stay in it too long there is a risk of burns.

Hot Yoga works with Hot Yoga panels that emit long infrared waves. These long infrared waves warm up your body from the inside out. The waves work their way deeper into your body and warm up your joints and muscles. That’s why the long infrared waves are so incredibly good for muscle recovery, joint inflammation, muscle inflammation, skin conditions, etc. The long infrared waves are therefore also called Infrared Heat Theraphy. The infrared has a therapeutic effect on the body.

Hot Yoga is for everyone!

Young, old, lithe, stiff, fit. You don’t have to be flexible for it, you don’t have to be in top shape, and you don’t have to be experienced. It is often thought that you must be flexible to participate in a yoga class at all. This is of course not true, one of the benefits yoga offers is that it actually creates more flexibility for your body. Ultimately, a goal of someone may be to take up yoga to generate more flexibility, thereby reducing physical symptoms.

Yoga enriches your life! Experience for yourself the positive effects yoga has on your body and mind. Lively Yoga offers a wide variety of classes. In this way, each person, looking at his or her own body, can choose a class that suits you at that time in terms of age, physical condition and/or physical limitations.

If you are pregnant and/or have high blood pressure, please contact us at Info@livelyyoga.com for advice.

Feel free to ask for personal advice without obligation. Lively Yoga understands that it can be difficult to choose a class that suits you and especially if you are a beginner or new to yoga. We are happy to help and advise you!

  • Yoga mat; you may borrow a yoga mat for free with your first trial class. For hygienic reasons, you are asked to purchase your own yoga mat. During your registration, you can purchase a yoga mat at a discount from Lively Yoga. Do you only do yoga occasionally? Lively Yoga also rents out yoga mats.
  • Easy-fitting clothes so you feel comfortable. Specifically for Hot Yoga, breathable clothing is fine.Ladies: Shorts or leggings, yoga/sports bra and/or top.

    Men; Shorts and/or top/shirt

Lively Collection

Lively Yoga also has its own designed yoga clothing label. These are available in the studio and through our webshop Lively Collection

  • Towel: also available for rent in the studio.
  • Make sure you are fresh and come to class with clean clothes.
  • Be sure to arriveat least 10 minutes before class starts. It is better to give your body time to slowly get used to the temperature. You can go into the room before then and lie down on your yoga mat and enjoy the warmth that falls over your body. When you close your eyes, it feels as if you are lying on the beach somewhere in a warm country.
  • Be on time and show respect for those around you. Everyone does their best to be on time in yoga class and please do not disrupt this by arriving late. If you are late, unfortunately you will not be able to participate in class, as the front door will be closed during class.

It is advisable not to eat heavy meals before class. Eat a heavy meal up to two hours before class starts or a light meal up to one hour before class starts. This way your body has enough time to digest the meal. During a hot yoga class, the body starts a cleansing process. When the body is still digesting food, the body will only be able to focus 50% on the cleansing process and the other 50% is used for digestion. In doing so, eating heavy foods before a class can also cause the body to become unwell. This is because the organs are twisted and twisted in postures. When organs are still full of nutrition, this cannot have a nice effect.

During the class

The digestion process in terms of food has the same effect when water is drunk during a class. Often it seems like the body needs water a la minute when you are in a warm space. This is often an automatic response our brains give us. Drinking during a (hot) yoga class is not advised, unless your body indicates otherwise, for the following reasons;

  • Water cools your body very quickly inside that has just been warmed up. Your body needs this warmth to cleanse, but also to get into postures more easily.
  • When you drink water, your body (like the food before class) starts a digestive process. This means that your body is going to focus 50% on the digestive process and 50% on the cleansing process of the hot yoga class.

Of course, you can always bring a bottle of water to class and it is certainly not forbidden to drink. Lively Yoga recommends what is right to get the most effective out of a hot yoga class. Each person may make his or her own choice in this regard.

If you notice a dry throat during class, we recommend drinking a small sip of water. To still be able to get the most effective out of your lesson.

Before the start of class

It is important to drink plenty of water throughout the day and before class. Your body loses a lot of fluids during a hot yoga class, so make sure your body is already adequately replenished with fluids before you start the class at all.

After the class

After the class, it is very important to drink extra water. First of all, your body has lost a lot of fluids during the hot yoga class, but in addition, your body has also released a lot of waste products. In order to get rid of these wastes, it is important to let your body “flow”. Drink enough water so that the waste products can also leave your body through urine and/or feces.

Sign up for a trial class at Info@livelyyoga.com or via the contact form.

If you have signed up for a trial lesson or booked a single lesson, please report to reception.

When you are a member of Lively Yoga you will receive a personalized pass. You swipe this pass through the pass system upon entry. In this way, your online booking will be changed to ‘present’ and you can join the class.

Lively Yoga works with a reservation system. If you come to a regular yoga class once a week, Lively Yoga will make sure there is a seat reserved for you each week.

If you have an unlimited subscription or if your choice of class depends on your week, you can use our online reservation system to reserve your class. Of course you can always walk in without a reservation, but then the members who have reserved a place have priority. Full = full.

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