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The Lively Yoga Team consists of motivated and enthusiastic yoga teachers with a passion for movement, awareness and relaxation. Each teacher at Lively Yoga specializes in his or her yoga style and have completed professional training(s) and courses. Because of their broad knowledge and experiences, this also provides depth to each specific yoga class.

Meet the team

Meet the Team of Lively Yoga! The teachers lovingly share their passion for yoga to provide the most enjoyable and quality class possible. We would love to meet you in our yoga class or book a trial class and experience the atmosphere where we work together on your physical and mental health.

Kelly Hamers - Owner

Kelly Hamers - Owner

Teacher Hot Yoga, Power Vinysa, (Hot) (Easy) Flow, Yin Yoga, Restorative and Pregnancy Yoga. & Pregnancy Yoga


I thought yoga would never cross my path, as I was always a very active and busy person, still am now, but in a different way. A busy work life, and a busy personal life. Rest in my body I did not have and therefore I really did not have to think about yoga. My vision of yoga was “hammm” on a mat, so nothing for me.

Actually, yoga is not “hammm” on a mat, at least not the styles of yoga I’m into. I was approaching a “crossroads” in my life where I was more or less faced with several choices. I was compelled to put a different spin on certain things in my life. Not easy, but after all, change never is. Through a book, I was inspired to take a yoga class and miraculously, I liked it! It brought me peace of mind, I got to know my body better, I used muscles I didn’t even know I had, and most of all, I felt like after I finished I had done a workout. How good was this? All in one!

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After 5 months of yoga experiences, I flew to Bali to attend Yoga Teacher Training (TTC). A combination of the yoga styles Vinyasa flow, Yin yoga & Restorative Yoga (Yin & Yang). My Dutch yoga teacher advised against it, due to my short knowledge and experience with yoga compared to the intensity of the training, but of course I went anyway. A world opened up to me, the time of my life and I loved yoga! Due to a car accident, twice, I have a whiplash. I was spending years figuring out how to manage the pain and find a way “how to live with it and deal with it. Day-in-day-out, I was in pain. During my training my whole body changed and for the first time after years my pain changed. This was so special, it made me curious, I wanted to learn more and share that with everyone. Why should we live with physical symptoms and pain when it can be done without them!

After my return I started teaching yoga in the Netherlands, met so many special people in my classes and was always happy to hear that I could inspire them in some way. Soon I made the choice to follow my path back to Asia, I wanted to gain more international yoga knowledge from people all over the world, eat healthy, come to myself and figure out what my path in this life really is. During my time living in Asia, I took several new yoga trainings and was able to learn a lot from all the wonderful people who acrossed my path during this period. I have also taught classes in particularly beautiful places in ´paradise´.

So, as I had the opportunity to experience in a very special way, yoga does a lot to a person. It gives you a powerful body and a good development of your core strenght. Peace, balance and many more things that everyone better can experiencing thereself. Since yin and yang are important in the body and in life, because after all this gives the balance, I also teach different yoga styles that are yin and/or yang related. Powerful yoga styles that strenghten your body, and powerful yoga styles in the yin way that challenge you in postures in a different (gentle) way. In the process, you also come across a lot about your own body and you as a person, self-knowledge.

When I returned after living in Asia for over a year, there was another crossroad in my life. What am I going to do, where am I going to and where am I going to live? I always wanted to start something for myself, my own business. I came from fashion & media and worked as a clothing stylist for celebrities in Thet Netherlands. Fashion, creativity and clothing is something I enjoy immensely. This also led me to draw, have produced and set up my own yoga clothing line during my time in Asia, Lively Collection. I had achieved the basics of creative and clothing, which is one of my passions, and after returning to the Netherlands, found that it was time for my other passion; a yoga studio. I thought if it’s not my way, this will become clear. I got a lot of reactions about how I was going to do it and if it would ‘work’. I had no idea, in my opinion it is important that you do the things in life that you like and from your heart, then the rest will follow naturally. My motto was; ‘Let go of your worries’ or insecurities and function from your heart. Uncertainty is a negative energy and will not bring you anything positive. So after two months of renovation works, I was able to open my beautiful studio on February 1, 2017. I enjoy this place every day and I hope you will experience the same or come and experience it in one of my classes or with one of the other fantastic teachers who help me to teach in the studio.

Live from your heart and above all don’t think too much, life is not that complicated. Above all, follow your passion and believe in what you would like to do and achieve in this life, and the rest will come naturally.

With love,


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Hello! I am Marieke and am l teaching the Calming Hot Yin Yoga class on Monday and Wednesday evenings.

Yoga puts me back in the here and now and helps me connect with my inner strength. I love the fire that fuels a dynamic practice and also have a yin yoga practice. Yin yoga has the biggest entry at the moment and the combination with Chinese medicine has my interest and is what I am exploring.

My practice and teaching experiences were gained in Maastricht, but mainly in Thailand and Bali. Annually I return to Bali to assist my teachers Jo Phee and Joe Barnett during their Teacher Training and keep my knowledge up to date.

I look forward to getting to know you and being your guide on the way in which your breath is the thread and you may explore your inner landscape in peace and quiet.

Namasté, Marieke

Marieke Vliegen

Marieke Vliegen

Teacher of Yin Yoga & Easy Flow. Yin Yoga Trainer for Training.
Christina Cuijpers

Christina Cuijpers

Teacher of Hot Yoga, Yin Yoga & Flow Yoga.


Dearest Yogi’s
My name is Christina Cuijpers and I teach weekly Hot Yoga and Hot Calming Yin Yoga on Saturday mornings.
Movement runs like a thread through my life.
From the age of 5 I started dancing and pretty soon after that I moved on to the dance academy.
During and after my education I came into contact with Pilates, Body Balance and Yoga and started to specialize in them.
Yoga helps me to turn more inward and listen to my feelings.
I experience more peace and it teaches me to be more conscious in the here and now.
So I want to convey this to everyone in my class.
Yoga has become more and more of a part of my life.
So in 2019, I had the opportunity to attend the Yin Yoga training, taught by Marieke Vliegen, at Kelly’s studio.
This training was a great extension of my yoga knowledge.
In addition to Yang now discovering the Yin side as well, and not having to do anything and being in silence, while physically a lot is happening.
Namasté Christina


I have been teaching a variety of yoga classes for over 18 years in San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area. I have trained in many types of yoga & meditation practices which bring in a strong vinyasa flow, deep stretching (Yin) and meditative breathing.

You will find yourself in a deeply immersive, inspiring class.
I am powerful vocalist and performer and use this talent to guide classes with fun & inspiration. I am committed to students for a greater sense of well-being and healthy living.

Namasté Maria

Maria Stanford

Maria Stanford

Teacher of Hot Bikram Yoga & Hot Flow Yoga.
Jeska Onderwater

Jeska Onderwater

Teacher of Yin Yoga.


Hi everyone!

My name is Jeska and I teach classes on a substitution basis at Lively Yoga. Since 2016 I teach yoga in Maastricht and surroundings after completing an inspiring Vinyasa Flow training at Yoga Moves in Utrecht.

The dynamic Vinyasa Flow practice helped me discover my inner center and return to it again and again. Yin Yoga came my way later and in the past two years I have been taking Yin training with my teacher Betty Papadopoulou in Greece.

This past year I spent an extended time in India, which has given my yoga path and awareness a deeper layer. Yoga helps me to listen to my heart and dare to follow it. Through yoga, I discovered how my sensitivity is my strength and how to approach it with love and compassion.

This loving attention to yourself is central to my Yin Yoga classes. I enjoy playing music and combining this in my classes. So I look forward to surprising you one day with live music during the savasana.

Namasté, Jeska


Hello Lively yogi’s!

I’m Caroline and i am looking forward to join the lovely team at Lively yoga. During a Hot Yoga class or a yin class, the healing aspect of yoga is paramount to me. Moving with attention to yourself, using your breathing, quieting your mind…

When yoga came my way, I loved the way it allowed me to connect with my body and relax my mind in this way.

In recent years, I was immersed in the wonderful world of yoga and meditation during travels in Australia, Asia and Canada! I completed a Yoga Teacher Training program in India and returned to India a second time afterwards to take additional Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra Training.

Settled back down in Maastricht, I look forward to sharing my experiences during my yoga classes to give people a moment for themselves.



Caroline Frederix

Caroline Frederix

Teacher of Yin Yoga & Hot (Hatha) Yoga.
Joyce Heunen

Joyce Heunen

Teacher of Yin Yoga.


Dearest all,

Yoga teaches me to find balance in our vibrant world full of stimuli and infinite possibilities With an insatiable curiosity, I began to delve into the world of yoga and mindfulness.

I completed my Yoga Training with Sarah Powers, whose connection to psychology, Buddhist philosophy, and mindfulness is significant.

I find it valuable that the Eastern and Western worlds come together on the yoga mat and I like to act as a connector of those two worlds.

You will find me sporadically substituting for the Yin class. The purpose of my class is to guide you to connect body, heart and mind.

By being still for a moment, feeling peace and slowing down, I grant you that you will connect with yourself and your pure, inner wisdom.

I teach in a simple, flowy, soft and yet powerful way.

Softness is strength. Feel welcome!




‘The meaning of life, is a life of meaning’, you could call my motto. In every interaction, action and study, I am looking for depth that brings the us closer to the core of our existence. Life questions such as “what is the purpose in our lives?”, “why are we in this state of being?” and “what is the path to that particular purpose?”, never ceased to intrigue me during my career as a modern dancer.

The search for answers found it’s culmination in studying the authentic Vedic scriptures in India, where the science of self-realization is magnificently expounded through the path of Yoga. The 5000-year-old literary works, translated directly from Sanskrit, revealed their wonderful timeless and infinite knowledge, stories and life wisdom with tremendous grandeur, depth and a shining edge of mystery.

Examples of these books are the ‘Isophanishads’, the ‘Srimad Bhagavatam’, the ‘Bhagavad Gita’, the ‘Nectar of Instruction’, the ‘Yoga Sutras’ etc. when I returned after my time studying in India, there was fiery passion, fresh energy and enthusiasm to be able to pass on some of this knowledge here in the West. I feel very privileged to be a part of the Lively Yoga Team and to be able to communicate this beautiful, rich philosophy.



Celine Wetzels aka Citralekha Dasi

Celine Wetzels aka Citralekha Dasi

Meditation teacher, Yoga Nidra

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