With a yoga subscription you can participate all Hot Yoga as well as all Regular Yoga classes.


A overview of
all prices of the memberships
per month, per half year of per year.

When you registrate for a half year or year membership, you will receive a discount on the monthly rate. Rates are shown per month.

We offer flexible subscriptions, whereby you can flexibly book your classes every week via an online reservation system. This way you can plan your class(es) weekly on your agenda, but above all you can see which lesson suits your wellbeing during that week.

Missed classes due to illness or vacation may be made up in the missed month. Rates are calculated on 48 weeks of lessons.

Pricing 2022

A rate change will be implemented as of December 1, 2022.

Private class

  • Therapeutic Infrared studio
    € 85,00
    75 minutes
  • Regular studio
    € 75,00
    75 minutes


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  • Registration fee
    € 24,50
    *re-enrollment will incur a new start-up/registration fee
  • Re-Registration
    € 19,50
    *re-enrollment will incur a new start-up/registration fee
  • Personalized membership card
    € 7,50


  • Yoga mat rental
    € 2,00
  • Request a new pass in case of loss
    € 7,50

Conditions for a half year and year membership

Whenver you registrate for a half-year or year membership, you will receive a discount on the monthly rate. Both subscription cannot be canceled prematurely. This is the agreement for the discount pricing that we offer on half year and year memberships

Payments and cancellation

Payments for subscriptions are made exclusively by direct debit.

Cancellation must be made before the end of the calendar month. The one month notice period starts after receiving the cancellation in writing.

Holidays and pricing

On holidays, the studio is closed.

During high season, the studio is closed for 2 weeks. The studio is also closed between Christmas and New Year.

This closing period is calculated into the subscription.

All of our rates and classes are subject to our general terms and conditions.

Prices are valid until December 31, 2022 and include VAT.

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