6 classes introduction to Bikram!

Challenge yourself with a new focus 6 weeks Bikram Yoga introduction sessions.

Hot Yoga is created from the Bikram Yoga, like the Power Yoga Is created from the Ashtanga yoga. Bikram Yoga is a 90 minutes class in a heated room up to 38/40 degrees. The lesson consist of a sequence of 26 poses which you perform twice. De class start and ends with a pranayama (breathing session) and a well-deserved relaxation. A real challenge for body and soul.

The ‘real’ Bikram class consist of Bikram ‘rules, which you should follow to call it a ‘bikram’ class. Hot Yoga Bikram Style deviates from this, there’s room for adjustments which can increase the quality of the class.

Some points that are required for a regular Bikram session is that the room need to heat up with blowing hot air into the room, there must be a carpet on the floor and the wall is covered with mirrors. During a Bikram session there’s a high humidity level. This consist of the hot air that’s heating up the skin which makes you sweating when you just enter the room.

At Lively Yoga Studio we won’t work with a heated air blower, as not with carpet. The Hot Yoga Studio at lively Yoga consist of FIR Infrared panels. This infrared is not the same as the infrared you’re probably used from the sauna. The Infrared panels (Infrared Therapy) consist of long invisible waves which heat up the body into the deeper layers; deeper tissues, the bones, the joints and the nervous system. This has the great benefit that the body will be relax very quickly which helps to create more flexibility and to move easily. The other positive benefit is that the infrared panels have a therapeutic effect on the body, the mind and the soul.

During this sessions you’ll receive professional guidance by our Bikram teacher Eva. Hot Yoga Bikram Style is an intensive lesson, the positive dose of energy from Eva guides you perfectly to complete this lesson to the final relaxation.

* Some active movement in your daily life is advised to participate. If this is not the case, request a Hot Yoga trial lesson. Less intense and a  60 minutes class.

Do you still have specific questions or would you like to register? This can be done by sending an email to; info@livelyyoga.com or contact 043-311 8508

Further information:

Price: € 99,00  (paid in advance to confirm spot)

Day:  Thursday 8 p.m. to 9.30 p.m. (90 minutes class)

Start date: Thursday 14th of March 2019

Dates: 14.03 – 21.03- 28.03 – 04.04 – 11.04 – 18.04.2019

limited number of places available

No subscription fees, no obligations


Lively Yoga

Louis Loyensstraat 5

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