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Another great workshop with Maria Stanford!
Balance is the key to building a stronger yoga practice, but also feeling stronger and balanced in life.
When you find balance – you feel more alive, more present and free.

This workshop will help you improve your balancing poses in a playful and fun way, while helping
you find a stronge

r more consistent way to hold a standing pose. Let’s take out the struggle!

This fun and educational workshop will explore the basics of yoga balancing postures including alignment of the body and creating a stronger breath. You will increase your balance and flexibility and feel stronger and more agile in your yoga practice.

Benefits of this workshop:

Improve your balance
Improve your posture
Increase strength & flexibility
Strengthen bones and create better alignment

Postured To Be Focused On:
Tree pose
Warrior 3
Eagly pose
Bow pose
Extended Hand to foot
Half Moon pose

We will warm up the body to prepare it for the poses. Then we end with a wonderful SAVASANA!
Bring a bottle for your water and a small towel.

Maria Stanford Maria Stanford will host this alignment workshop. She has been teaching a variety of yoga classes for over 18 years in San Francisco. Maria is trained & certified in many yoga & meditation practices and during this workshop she will she diving into specific alignment points of several basic yoga postures.

This workshop is in English

Further information
Date: Sunday 3th of February
Time: 10 a.m. – 12
Price: Members € 32,50 Non- Members € 35,00
Mats, blocks and straps are provided


Lively Yoga
Louis Loyensstraat 5
6221 AK Maastricht
043 – 311 85 08