As you do your practice, do you want become more attuned to how a pose should feel like and what to look for in a pose? Would you like to learn how to breathe more deeply and consistently through your practice?

This fun and educational workshop will explore the basics of yoga postures including alignment of the body, creating a stronger breath, and bringing in your core. You will increase your endurance and flexibility and feel stronger and more agile in your yoga practice. We will end the workshop with a short flow practice to put it all together.

You will feel a total workout, energized and inspired with less struggle!

Postured To Be Focused On:

Warrior l

Warrior ll – Binding

Triangle/Revolving Triangle

Down Dog

Chaturanga Tadasana (Plank Position)

Balancing Pose

Maria Stanford will host this alignment workshop. She has been teaching a variety of yoga classes for over 18 years in San Francisco. Maria is trained & certified in many yoga & meditation practices and during this workshop she will she diving into specific alignment points of several basic yoga postures.

This workshop is in English

Further information

Date: Monday 3th of September

Time: 7 p.m. – 9 p.m.

Price: Members € 32,50 Non- Members € 35,00

Mats, blocks and straps are provided



Lively Yoga

Louis Loyensstraat 5

6221 AK Maastricht

043 – 311 85 08